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The Voice studio of

Kimberley D. Wolfenbarger-Nakamoto

Services we offer

College Prep 

In Person Private Lessons

Online private Lessons

Vocal Pedagogy Training

Middle school all region prep

High school all region/all state prep

Vocal Arts Week & Classical Recital (end of January):

This event is required of all studio members, and offers an opportunity where university professors, or other performing professionals, are brought in as clinicians to expand students’ knowledge of performance skills using classical song through any of the following: lecture recital, workshop, master-class. A catered student recital concludes the event, which typically takes place in January/February depending on Solo & Ensemble competition dates. 

Broadway Scenes (beginning of May):

This event is also required of all studio members, and consists of the studio's annual musical theatre scenes showcase.  This dinner theatre style production is the culmination of a 12 week intense unit of study that encompasses all of the aspects of Broadway performance.  Every student learns to perform a solo, small ensemble piece, and large ensemble piece, while developing skills in character analysis, stage direction, choreography, costume design, set design and construction, light design, and sound techniques.  Professionals in stagecraft are employed to assist students in forming their ideas into a stage production.

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