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Join Friends of the Youth Opera, a group of passionate donors that are

determined to make a difference in the lives of our children through their contributions.

We Love Our Donors!

Please consider a monthly donation! 

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Thank You For Supporting Our Kids and the Arts!!

Soprano Level ~ $10,000 and above

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Jeff and Dee Dee.jpg

Dr. Jeff & Dee Dee Spier

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Fred H.jpg

The Fred Hervey

Wilma D.jpg

The Wilma D. Moleen Foundation

Alto Level ~ $5,000 to $9,999

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Mrs. Sallie W. Broaddus

Tenor Level ~ $2,500 to $4,999

Rio Grande Urology.jpg

Dennis & Donna Neesen

Travis Sherwood

Peter Spier & Stacey Hunt Spier

Baritone Level ~ $1000 to $2,499

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Russell Transport Logo.jpg
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Rosa Marin

Bass Level ~ $50 to $999

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Asher Fienberg

Laura Gordon

Joe Stout

Devin Alper

Judith Jumper

Jo Ann Timbanard

Hilary Barthold

Jesus Escarzaga

Judith Ward

Mark Levine

The Horton Family

Maggie Asfahani

Ernesto Padilla

Elaine Johnson

Daniel Rollings

Beto O'Roarke

The Hernandez Family

Jenni Sciarrotta

Josh Brisco

Pete & Phyllis Davis

Robert and Family

Roger Ames

David Dick

Terry Johnson

Sara Henry

Judi & Jimmy Keller

Ana Laura Chelpaty

Susan & Ruben Guerra

Lisa Malooly

Dori Fenenbock

Susan Goldstein

Susie Goldman 

Anne & Jimmy Spier

Sandra Alost

Todd Frank

Scott Spier

Nathan Thompson

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